We chat with the newest member of the Student Support team, Fee Boon, to find out how she can support you.

You’ve just moved from your wellbeing role at East 15 to the Colchester Campus. What’s your new title?
Wellbeing Assessor

How many members are there in your team?
I am one of four Wellbeing Assessors and we have a whole host of other brilliant and supportive people behind the scenes.

How can you help students in your role?
I will support students with their mental health, wellbeing and disability and empower them to look after their wellbeing whilst making the most of University life.

I will be making referrals for in-house support and signposting to external services.

If you have any queries regarding consent or relationship issues then please pop and see me. I can also advise further on using our Report and Support system.

You will find me through our drop-in service at the Silberrad Student Centre which is open from 9am – 4pm.

Tell us something we don’t know about you…
How about three things?

I sing constantly. If it’s not coming out of my mouth, it’s happening in my head.

Outside of the University, I run a small business, as a way of supporting my own wellbeing as well as others.

I spend a lot of time drinking coffee with my in-laws as my family are all in Scotland. I’m very lucky, they’re great!

Are you excited to work with a new team?
I’ve worked for the University for a wee while so I know my team but, in my new role at Colchester Campus, I’ll be working more closely with them.

I’m excited to learn from them – to know their stories and find ways to develop my skills and hopefully share a few too. I’m also excited to find out who makes the best coffee and if they like quizzes. I love a quiz. By the time you read this, I’ll be learning all these vital things!

How did you get into this sort of role?
I’m moving to the Student Wellbeing team from Loughton Campus. I’ve always looked for supporting roles and I’ve been very lucky to work for some amazing organisations: Taunton Association for the Homeless, BUPA, National Youth Advocacy Service, The Mighty Creatives and most recently the University, working closely with East 15 students and staff to provide a support service.

I’ve worked with people who showed me how important a single interaction can be and how meaningful relationships can change everything.

If you could give one piece of advice for someone wondering whether they should ask for help what would you say?
Come and sit with us, decide what to say when you get here and don’t spend any more time wondering.

If you need information, advice or support to succeed here at Essex, please get in touch with the Student Support Team.