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How to apply if you're transferring from another university

If you are studying at another university, in the UK or elsewhere, and its not working out, you may want to consider a transfer to the University of Essex.

We will guide you through the process and give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.


Not all of our courses can accept second or final year applicants, please see the link below for details of which courses / departments accept applications for second year and final year entry.

We welcome applications to transfer to the University of Essex and recommend that you read the guidance below before making an application.

Before you apply to transfer

Transferring to another institution is a big decision, and can take time to complete. We would recommend speaking with someone (such as a tutor, supervisor or support officer) at your current university for advice.

You should also discuss with them the impact that a transfer might have on your funding or visa arrangements.

What we will assess when considering your application: 

  • the course you are interested in transferring to;
  • the point of entry that you wish to transfer into (for example second or final year);
  • details of your  A-level and GCSE qualifications (or equivalent);
  • for transfers into the second or final year – please provide a full list of modules as part of your application that you have completed, or are completing, in your current university study. If this has already been completed, you should provide a copy of your results transcript either uploaded as part of your application or once your application has been submitted;
  • English language qualification, if you are not a first language English speaker;
  • whether or not you require a student visa to study in the UK.

A final decision will not be made on your application to transfer until your application has been received and all sections of the application reviewed in full.

Please note that you will only be eligible to transfer into the second or final year of study at the University of Essex if you have studied the pre-requisite course modules in your current university, and have passed these at the required level.

How to apply

You should make your application through UCASor our Direct Admissions form.

Please note that all UCAS deadlines apply to transfer applications, and some courses may have earlier deadlines to apply.

Upon receipt of your application, the relevant department may invite you to interview and will assess your suitability for transfer to the University of Essex.

Students requiring a visa

If you require a student visa to study in the UK, the above information will apply.

However, in addition, we will consider whether you would be able to meet all Home Office requirements when determining whether or not you are eligible to transfer to the University of Essex.

Transferring from a partner university

You may be looking to transfer to the University of Essex from a partner institution in the EU or overseas under one of our link agreements, which support the admissions of students to study with us through progression arrangements.

You should make your application through UCAS or our Direct Admissions form and we will take the link agreement into consideration when assessing your application.

Transferring credit for individual modules 

If you wish to transfer credits for individual modules from your current or previous university study or work experience, you should discuss the matter with the relevant Admissions Office in the first instance.

Your request may be considered under the University’s Accreditation of Prior (Experiential) Learning – AP(E)L policy (.pdf) and procedure. This procedure may need to be completed in addition to submitting a standard application to transfer to the University of Essex.

Accreditation of prior (experiential) learning (AP(E)L)

Policy and procedure for the accreditation of prior (experiential) learning (AP(E)L)

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