Computational finance

Blending computation, economics and finance.

Computational finance
The explosion of data and computer power has made classical quantitative finance techniques obsolete.

To succeed in the finance industry, you need a mixture of competences rooted in finance, economics and computer science. We deliver rigorous training in these disciplines by covering principles of quantitative finance and microeconomics alongside current computational skills. We focus on established and emergent technologies to deal with big data, such as machine learning, and decentralised exchanges, including blockchain.

Why study here?
  • You will be taught by experts from industry, including HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Invesco and Bank of England.
  • Take a summer internship with a leading fintech company hosted by established banks such as BNP Paribas and JP Morgan.
  • Our research-led teaching looks at innovative computational models for the financial markets, such as blockchain.
THE Awards 2018 - Winner University of the Year
We offer supervision in: algorithmic game theory; theoretical computer science; AI for finance; blockchain; high-frequency finance; and financial mathematics.

We provide a vibrant and multidisciplinary research environment so our PhD students publish papers in prestigious international conferences and often attract the attention of industry and government. Our graduates have gone on to become quantitative analysts, portfolio managers and software engineers at institutions such as HSBC and Mitsubishi UFJ Securities.

Why study here?
  • Our highly cross-disciplinary expertise covers different aspects of the interplay between computer science, economics and finance.
  • Gain practical hands-on skills and undertake projects alongside industry experts.
  • Develop professional networks with our strong industry and Government links.
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