Cycling on campus rules

The following rules are in place throughout the calendar year and will be enforced by Patrol Officers and appropriate members of the Estate Management Section.

This policy applies to students, staff and visitors to all University of Essex campuses who are hereby notified that all bicycles on University property are parked at their owner’s risk.

The policy applies to all forms of bicycle, e-bicycle, scooter, e-scooter, skateboard and any other manually powered mode of transport.

  1. Cycles, scooters and etc found to be in contravention of this policy may be impounded.
  2. Cycling, scooting and skating etc is not permitted in or through the Squares (Colchester Campus). Cycle parking within the Squares is prohibited.
  3. Everyone must dismount before reaching the outer perimeter of the Squares and walk until re-accessing the designated cycle route or cycle park, this includes under podia.
  4. Cycling, skating and scooting under podia is not permitted, riders need to dismount where signage starts.
  5. Bicycles and scooters must be left only in cycle racks or other places designated for the purpose.
  6. Any item which is left in such a way as to cause or lead to an obstruction on any emergency exit or access point may be removed by Patrol Staff, or any member of staff acting on their authority.
  7. Under no circumstances may items, bicycles or scooters be parked where they are liable to cause obstruction or danger, attached to railings, at entrances to buildings, other street furniture or are otherwise defacing the University.
  8. Bicycles, scooters, ect must not be taken inside buildings.
  9. Bicycles or scooters which are found in buildings or parked where they are liable to cause obstruction or danger may, without notice, be removed or impounded. Security chains and other devices will be cut if necessary with no reimbursement or replacement.
  10. Bicycles shall only be ridden on roadways or designated cycle/shared paths.
  11. Scooters shall only be ridden on designated cycle/shared paths.
  12. Bicycles, scooters etc. left standing in the University for four weeks or more, if not claimed within two weeks of a disposal notice being affixed, shall be deemed to have been abandoned and may be disposed of by the University.
  13. There will be no refund of any equipment damaged by the removal of bicycles.
  14. Items left over the summer period without the advertised ‘tag’ will be removed and re-cycled. Communication will be issued periodically from May but it is the responsibility of the individual to ensure they are compliant.
  15. The University does not guarantee to reunite owners with their items. However, an owner can contact the security team on 01206 872125 and provide details of the item to prove ownership.
  16. Whilst every care will be taken not to damage the item, the University accepts no responsibility for any damage to the bicycle either before, during or after removal (including during storage).
  17. Please note that mobility wheelchairs are permitted in all areas of campus at all times, however mobility scooters intended for outdoor use must not be used within buildings. Mobility wheelchairs/scooters must not exceed walking speed (3-4mph), and when not in use must be parked considerately so as not to cause an obstruction to doorways, fire exits or pedestrians.

These rules were last reviewed in December 2019.

Rules governing the use of the Squares

  1. No ball games.
  2. No skateboarding.
  3. No scooters or motorised vehicles except by prior agreement for undertaking maintenance works with the exception of mobility wheelchairs/scooters (whose speed must not exceed 4mph).
  4. Anyone wishing to hold an event or events in any of the Squares must seek the written permission of the Director of Estate Management at least three weeks in advance of the event.

The above restrictions are in place throughout the calendar year, and will be enforced by Patrol Officers and appropriate members of the Estate Management Section.

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