Places to study at Southend Campus

We want to give you the opportunity to study somewhere on campus. To do that we need to make sure that everyone is kept safe and social distancing rules are followed. A new booking system for all study places has been introduced to help us achieve this.

All study spaces must be booked

All study spaces on campus now need to be booked in advance. This will ensure that the number of students in any one space is kept at a safe level. You can only use places that are designated and bookable study spaces. Empty classrooms can no longer be used.

In the Library you can book a study space for up to two hours with a maximum of four hours in any one week. All other spaces can be booked for up to four hours. 

Book a place to study

Using a study space

Before you enter a study space

Wash or sanitise hands before entering a study space. Follow all instructional signage and maintain social distance from others.

If you feel that your work area has not been cleaned, please call for assistance using the phone number displayed on the desk.

You should always follow the how to come onto our campuses guidelines and help reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Make sure you check in

You must check in when you arrive at your booking. To check in you can either:

  • Use your mobile phone to scan the QR code displayed on the desk at your seat number
  • Click the "Check me in/out" in your booking confirmation email

Leaving a study space

When leaving wipe down anything you have touched within your work area using the wipes provided. Take all your belongings with you and dispose of rubbish (e.g. wipes) in the bin.

If you leave your booking early, please check out using the same way you checked in. This lets us know the space is free so other students can book. If you don't check out, you will be checked out automatically when your booking finishes.

Cancelling a booking

You can cancel a booking at any time:

  1. Sign in to the booking system 
  2. Choose "Cancel booking" to cancel individual bookings, or "Cancel all bookings to cancel all your bookings.

Study spaces

Study spaces in the following places are available to book:

The Forum - Learning Hub

Study rooms

  • Rooms TF.2.14, TF.2.15, TF.2.16
  • 12 personal study spaces with desks in each room
  • Book a space

Open study space

  • Room TF.2.53
  • Eight PCs on computer islands
  • Five personal study spaces on soft furniture
  • Book a space

Study pods

  • Rooms TF.2.54, TF.2.55, TF.2.56, TF.2.57, TF.2.58A, TF.2.58B
  • Six study pods each with an in-built PC, AV connections and projector
  • Book a space

Share space

  • Room TF.2.59
  • 22 individual personal study spaces with desks
  • Four study pods each with an in-built PC, AV connections and projector
  • Book a space

Quiet study space

  • Room TF.2.07 
  • Seven personal study spaces with desks in a quieter area of the floor
  • Six PCs are also in this space
  • Book a space

Media study spaces

Work on film, photos, publications, music and audio projects using Apple iMac computers and media editing software in sound-proofed booths.

  • Rooms TF.2.09A, TF.2.09B, TF.2.09C
  • Three individual media booths each equipped with an iMac
  • Book a space

Study skills space

  • Room TF.2.08
  • Four personal study spaces on plectrum style tables
  • Book a space

IT labs

Need to use a computer on campus? We have more than a 100 windows-based computers for you to use. Many labs stay open until late and the Learning Hub is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


If you're an East 15 student, you can book the studios for rehearsals out of hours by contacting the Rehearsal Studios and Theatre Administrator for the Cliftown Theatre studios or the Gateway Building Administrator for the Gateway Building studios.

PhD room

There's a PhD room located in the Gateway Building (GB.3.48/49), providing a space for quiet study with PCs, lockers and two white boards. This room does not need to be booked.

Empty teaching rooms

Empty teaching rooms can no longer be used as study spaces due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Student Services Hub
Need help?

If you need any further help and advice, please contact or visit the Student Services Hub who will be happy to assist you.