Increase your maintenance loan from Student Finance

If your household income (the income of your parent/s if you are aged under 25 and not classed as an Independent student) is below £62,347 per year, you may be entitled a higher maintenance loan from Student Finance England.

SFE assess applications for maintenance loans based on household income. Therefore, students who do not provide their household income information are awarded only the minimum maintenance loan by SFE, which is currently £4,576 for new students.

By providing your household income information to SFE, your maintenance loan application can be fully assessed and you will be awarded the correct amount of maintenance loan. This is up to £10,227 for new students on standard-length 39 week courses, and up to £12,647 for students studying long courses such as Nursing.

If your household income has decreased by at least 15% since the relevant tax year, you can apply for a current year income assessment instead of relying on the previous year’s details.  Check if you’re eligible and how to apply.

To check how much maintenance loan you might be entitled to, based on your household income, visit the Save The Student webpage for a handy guide.

To provide your household income to SFE, please complete and submit this online form to SFE. SFE will then means-test your application. If you are entitled to a higher maintenance loan, SFE will make arrangements to increase your instalments in line with this.

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