Hardship Fund

The University is offering financial support to students who have had an unexpected, exceptional change in their financial circumstances that has resulted in short-term, financial difficulty. Awards take the form of a non-repayable grant to support emergency short-term living costs allowing students to continue their studies at Essex with reduced financial pressures.

Full details

Please read the full terms and conditions for your entry year before applying for a university fund. They contain important information about eligibility, evidence required and how to apply.

Hardship Fund terms and conditions 2023-24 October Starter (.pdf)

Hardship Fund terms and conditions 2023-24 January Starter (.pdf)

 (The only variation between the Hardship funds is the end dates)

How to apply

All funding applications for 2023-2024 must be submitted via Blackbullion, please see instructions below:

  1. Read the terms and conditions at the bottom of this page and check you meet the eligibility criteria before submitting an application 
  2. You’ll need to submit your bank statements as part of your application so we can assess your financial difficulty. Students with UK bank accounts should read the Blackbullion guidance on Open Banking which is a fast a secure way to upload your statements. Students who chose not to use Open Baking should watch the video below on submitting bank statements manually (86% of applications are delayed due to incorrectly submitted bank statements).
  3. Create an account with Blackbullion using your Essex email account or login if you already have an account. (Note: Make sure you select the ‘University student’ option, rather than ‘applicant’ when you register) Don’t worry if your course is not listed on the application form. You can still register and apply without selecting a course
  4. Click the ‘Funds’ tab and select ‘Hardship Fund’ button (Ensure that you select the correct fund based on the start date of your course, either in October or January)
  5. Read the guidance, follow the instructions to complete the online application form and submit all the required evidence as outlined on the guidance document. Please also watch the video guide below before submitting any bank statements 
  6. Submit your application and evidence 

Other support

The University and other external organisations offer financial support to get you through your studies. Check out other ways of funding your studies:

The University offers a range of additional welfare support and guidance