Hardship Fund

The University offers a Hardship Fund to assist students who are experiencing financial difficulty. Awards are a non-repayable grant and are awarded to applicants who require financial support to help them continue their studies at Essex.

Full details

Please read the full terms and conditions carefully, and watch the bank statement video below before applying.

Students can expect a response, whether to request missing evidence, or with an outcome of their application, 3 weeks after submitting the application.

2022-2023 entry

Reimbursement for strike action

The University is accepting claims for reimbursement of unnecessary travel and caring costs on the days of strike action during February and March 2023. Eligible students will be those who have had all teaching cancelled on any one of the strike days so that their journey to the University that day was unnecessary when they expected to access their teaching. Students will not be normally eligible for reimbursement where some, but not all, of their teaching on any given day was cancelled.

Anybody wishing to seek reimbursement is required to use the application form, which will ensure payment reflects the actual costs incurred, and targets financial support to those most impacted by the strike.

Applications for reimbursement should not be made via the Hardship Fund.

How to apply

All funding applications for 2022-2023 must be submitted via Blackbullion, please see instructions below:

  1. Watch the below video on submitting bank statements (86% of applications are delayed due to incorrectly submitted bank statements)
  2. Create an account with Blackbullion using your Essex email account or login if you already have an account. (Note: Make sure you select the ‘University student’ option, rather than ‘applicant’ when you register) Don’t worry if your course is not listed on the application form. You can still register and apply without selecting a course
  3. Click the ‘Funds’ tab and select ‘Hardship Fund’ button
  4. Read the guidance, follow the instructions to complete the online application form and submit all the required evidence as outlined on the guidance document. Please also watch the video guide below before submitting any bank statements 
  5. Submit your application and evidence

Other support

The University and other external organisations offer financial support to get you through your studies. Check out other ways of funding your studies:

The University offers a range of additional welfare support and guidance.