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If you're not able to finish a degree course at Essex and would like to come back to study at the University, this procedure is called 'readmission'.

The readmission procedure applies to former students who are requesting permission to be readmitted to study, having previously left voluntarily or having been required to withdraw from the University.

It does not apply to:

  • students who want to be admitted to study at a higher level after having successfully completed an award at a lower level
  • students who have successfully completed a degree and want to start another degree in a different subject area

For more information, see:

Immediate reinstatement

If you have been withdrawn within the last two weeks because you have not completed online registration or have been unable to keep up with your tuition fee payments, you may apply for immediate reinstatement.

Reinstatement is only available if your department or school agree that is okay for you to resume your studies. If approved, you will be required to visit the Student Services Hub at a scheduled time in order to register. If you are in debt to the University, you may be required to clear the debt before you can resume your studies.

International students may be prevented from being reinstated if the University cannot resume sponsoring your Tier 4 visa.

To apply for reinstatement, please complete the Reinstatement Application Form (.docx) and send it to

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