Departmental Disability Liaison Officers retention schedule

This schedule covers records kept by staff in all departments who have the role of Departmental Disability Liaison Officer. It does not cover any other records that you keep for your main, salaried role.

Schedule coverage

All records – paper, electronic and e-mail – are covered by this schedule. Retention is based on the content of the record, not its format.

Destroying records

Confidential records should always be destroyed securely. Paper records should be shredded. Care should be taken to ensure electronic records are deleted from all areas. Please see the guidance on destruction of email.


  • TofR = termination of relationship. (When the student graduates, permanently withdraws or otherwise leaves)
    CAY = Current academic year
  • A plus sign and a number shows how many years after an event a record should be kept. TofR +6 means a document is kept for 6 more years after termination of relationship.
  • JISC – Joint Information Systems Committee has a skeleton retention schedule and Business Classification Scheme which have formed the basis for the University of Essex retention schedules.

If you have any questions about this schedule please contact the Information Manager.

Description of record Retention period Reason for retention period Actions taken at the end of retention period Confidentiality Notes
Notifications of disability from Student Support (SS) CAY JISC FAM 4.13 Original notification kept in Student Support and new notifications issued annually. Confidential - sensitive personal data  
Notes of DDLO meetings None JISC FAM 4.13 Destroy. Master copies kept in Student Support    
Papers, e-mails, notes of phone calls and meetings relating to discussion of student case TofR + 6 JISC FAM 4.13
Limitation Act 1980
Destroy. Confidential - sensitive personal data E-mails arranging meetings can be destroyed at once.
Papers, e-mails, notes of phone calls and meetings with the student TofR + 6 JISC FAM 4.13
Limitation Act 1980
Destroy Confidential - sensitive personal data  
General e-mails from SS CAY JISC, SS advice Destroy General information  

Valid from: March 2009
Due for review: February 2012
Agreed by: Records Manager, Senior Disability Advisers, DDLOs

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