Data protection and freedom of information retention schedules

Records related to compliance with Data Protection Act and Freedom of Information Act are the responsibility of the Information Assurance Manager.

Acronym key

  • CAY Current Academic Year (October to September)
  • CFY Current Financial Year (July to August)
  • CCY Current Calendar Year (January to December)
  • TofR Termination of Relationship (the point at which someone stops being a student or member of staff)

Data Protection

Item How long to keep it for Notes
Subject Access Requests CAY + 6
Subject Access Request Log Permanent Anonymised statistics only
Annual Notification to the Information Commissioner CAY + 6
Privacy statements Year of last amendment + 6
Data Protection Queries CAY + 3

Freedom of Information

Item How long to keep it for Notes
Freedom of Information Requests CAY + 6
Freedom of Information Policy Statements Year of amendment + 6 Destroyed
Freedom of Information Publication Schemes Permanent Updated as required to retain currency
Reports to ICT Steering Group Permanent Retained as part of ICT SG papers
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