University campus non-student exclusion policy

Policy scope, overview, and aims

The policy sets out the process by which the University manages records relating to cases where the Registrar and Secretary decides it is necessary to exclude an individual from the University campus. The policy only covers cases that deal with non-students. Student exclusions are dealt with via the student conduct process. Records relating to student conduct are managed by the Student Progress Team in accordance with a separate policy on individual non-academic student conduct records.

University campus exclusion policy

In accordance with Regulation 7.15, the Registrar and Secretary has the power to exclude from any University-owned property or land any non-student whose behaviour may warrant it. Notification of exclusion is always put in writing by the Registrar and Secretary to the individual involved. The excluded individual has 15 working days to appeal the decision from the date of the notification letter. Appeals must be sent to the designated Pro-Vice-Chancellor, who will review the case. An exclusion remains in force during the appeal process. Any decision to exclude remains in force indefinitely. A request can be made to the Registrar and Secretary for an exclusion to be lifted three years after the date of the original notification letter. This request must be put in writing. The Registrar and Secretary will respond with a decision in writing. The Security Office, Students' Union General Manager, and the Managers of all licensed premises are informed of all exclusions to ensure that they can be upheld successfully. Other relevant offices are informed as necessary where an individual exclusion may impact upon them.

Records Management and retention procedures

The Student Progress TeamStudent Progress TeamStudent Progress Team is responsible for the management, retention and destruction of records relating to non-student campus exclusions.

The Team retains a full record of the case, including the original exclusion notification letter, any accompanying paperwork, and details of any appeal decision. The record is stored by academic year and within each academic year by surname. It is retained for six academic years after the academic year during which the individual is excluded, before being destroyed confidentially.

The Team manages a permanent electronic database, amended as necessary, which contains details of all individuals currently excluded from the university campus. Following the six academic year retention period for non-student exclusion records, the database becomes the sole record of excluded individuals and only holds information relating to currently excluded individuals.

The database provides the name and address (if known) of the excluded individual; the reasons for and circumstances surrounding the exclusion; the date of the exclusion; the date from which the individual can request the exclusion to be lifted; and details of correspondence relating to a request for the exclusion to be lifted. Following a decision by the Registrar and Secretary to remove an exclusion, all information relating to that exclusion is removed permanently from the database.

Any written request for the exclusion to be lifted following the initial three year period, and the subsequent response from the Registrar and Secretary, are stored with the original record. In the event that a request is submitted after a record has been destroyed, the electronic database is amended accordingly and if the exclusion is lifted the correspondence is destroyed immediately.

Access to records

The Student Progress Team is responsible for managing access to information and records relating to non-student exclusions. It is recognised that access to the identity of excluded individuals is necessary to ensure that the exclusion is upheld successfully.

The Security Office, Students' Union General Manager, and the Managers of all licensed premises are informed automatically of all exclusions. The Students' Union General Manager, the Managers of all licensed premises, and the Registrar & Secretary's Office are also provided with a list of current excluded individuals at the start of each academic year. Each updated list supersedes the previous one. It is the responsibility of these offices to ensure they are holding accurate and up-to-date information relating to exclusions, including regular destruction of information relating to individuals who are no longer excluded.

Aside from the offices detailed above, no offices within the university are informed automatically of all new exclusions. Relevant offices that may need access to information relating to exclusions are free to request it from the Student Progress Team as appropriate. It is the responsibility of the Student Progress Team to ensure that the appropriate offices are informed on a ‘need to know basis' following notification from the Registrar & Secretary, taking guidance as appropriate.

Policy review

In accordance with the University's standard records management practice, the policy is reviewed every three years to ensure it meets effectively the University's operational and legal requirements.


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