Chart my Path

Find your next Essex opportunity with Chart my Path. It will give you personal recommendations and track your own path as you develop.

What is Chart my Path?

Chart my Path is an exciting new tool for all Essex students on Gradintelligence. It can help you consider, plan and track your personal development through the amazing, broad Essex offer.

  • The tool focuses on the strengths of the Essex offer, supported by practical categories, to enable you to find a blend of experiences and support within your own personal ‘big picture’.
  • You’ll start with the ‘Grow Confident’ and ‘Get Curious’ strengths. Grow Confident focuses on helping you feel confident in your life, study and career at Essex. Get Curious encourages you to try out the wide and exciting range of cultural, sports, community, faith, political and interest opportunities at Essex.
  • More than a noticeboard, it has been designed to make finding opportunities that can help you to succeed in your studies, life and career easier than ever. You’ll start with a quick quiz to imagine your immediate future (your next term) to capture your preferences and approaches. Once unlocked, you can either check out your recommendations or browse all current opportunities. Bookmark those that catch your interest, follow the links to find out more and mark as done to keep on top of your opportunities.
  • As you explore Chart my Path, you will activate more ‘check-in’ moments to find the right opportunities at the right time in your personal journey.

Chart my Path launched in September 2020 and will grow to have twelve strengths to explore by Spring 2021.

How to get started

Log in to your Gradintelligence to take our ‘your term’ quiz to unlock grow confident and get curious, and to find your personal starting place in Chart my Path.

First time using Gradintelligence at Essex? You’ll need to activate your account using a link sent to your University email address (search GradIntelligence to find). Lost or deleted it? No worries, you can reset it.

If you need any help, please email