Resit examinations

For in-person exams, your personal resit exam timetable will show the date, time, room and seat number for each exam. For remote exams, your timetable will show the platform (e.g. FASER/Moodle) and duration.

You can report any errors with your exam timetable by using the link within the exam timetable system (e.g. if you are not scheduled for the correct exams, you have exam clashes, your individual arrangements have not been put in place etc).


The University no longer charges fees for resit exams or coursework resubmission. This includes Masters dissertation resubmissions and resits and these resubmissions for PhD students.

If you are required to pay a fee, you can pay online. If you have not paid the fee before the payment deadline, an invoice will be raised against your student account and you will have 14 days to pay. Please note that you will not be able to register for your next period of study or graduate if you have debt on your account.

Individual arrangements

If you had individual arrangements in place for the main summer examinations, the same arrangements will apply for the resit examinations.


If you need to stay on campus, you can book a room via Accommodation Essex.

Resit results

The anticipated results release dates can be found on the exam results schedule.

Extenuating circumstances

If you wish to bring to the attention of the Board of Examiners any extenuating circumstances which have affected the resit examinations, please complete and return the relevant form by the deadline date.

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