Changing course and proceeding to the next year carrying failed credits

If you have been offered the opportunity to change course and proceed to the next year carrying your failed credits, this is because:

  • you failed credits in core module(s) which you cannot carry on your current course but which are not core on the alternative course you have been offered; or
  • you are in your first year of either an Integrated Masters course or a 4-year course which includes a year abroad and you have not achieved a year mark of at least 50; or
  • you are in your Second Year of a 4-year course and cannot proceed to your Year Abroad or Placement Year next year.

Choosing this outcome means you can proceed to the next year on the alternative course you have been offered in October 2022 without further reassessment because the module(s) you have failed are not core on this alternative course, meaning these credits can be carried. Carrying failed credits is referred to as condonement in the rules of assessment. It’s important that you understand the implications of having failed 15 or 30 credits towards your overall degree. You can only fail a maximum of 30 credits' worth of non-core modules across your whole degree.

If you decide to change to the alternative course carrying your failed module(s) you will not be eligible to return to your previous course of study at any point in the future, as you would not meet the requirements due to carrying the failed credits which are core for your previous course.

If you select this option, you will automatically be transferred onto the new course listed on your results pages prior to the start of the 2022-23 academic year, you do not need to submit a change of course form for this to change to take place. It may be possible for you to be considered to change to other courses within your department where you meet the course specific requirements to do so. If this is something you would like to consider, please contact your department directly.

For further information on carrying failed credits and its impact on your further studies, please see the relevant outcome pages linked below:

Advice and support

If you have been given the choice to carry fails into the next year of a different course or to undertake reassessment to remain on your current course and you’re not sure which to choose, then you should speak to the departments that run these courses as soon as possible to discuss your options.

It’s important to remember that marks from all years of study, including your current year, will appear on your Higher Education Achievement Report, as will any failed credits.

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