Carry fails in trailed modules and undertake reassessment without attendance in the next academic year in failed current year modules

If you have been offered this outcome, this means you have failed a combination of modules you trailed from the previous academic year and current year modules.

Choosing this outcome means you will carry the fails in all the modules you trailed from the 2021/22 Academic Year whilst being registered as an intermitting student in the 2023/24 Academic Year to undertake reassessment without attendance in your failed current year modules.

Please note, if you decide not to undertake further reassessment in your trailed modules, you will not have the opportunity to undertake this in the future. If you do wish to undertake reassessment in these modules you should, where possible, select a different outcome.

We would advise that you read all the information on the following webpages to get a full understanding of what this outcome means in terms of the implications of carrying failed credits and undertaking reassessment without attendance:

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