Defibrillators (AED)

Automatic External Defibrillators (AED) devices have been installed throughout the University campuses for use in emergency situations. They are easy to operate by any person with or without training. They are used when a casualty has a serious cardiac rhythm disturbance causing unconsciousness, such as a heart attack.

If you need an AED

  1. Go to the nearest AED (See AED Locations)
  2. Call SecuritySecuritySecurity using the contact number listed on the AED cabinet to make them aware of the incident and to be given the security code to access the AED
  3. Follow the spoken instructions given by the AED (See AED Instruction Videos)
  4. Security will  contact emergency services and attend to provide assistance

When to use an AED

An AED is built to conduct an initial assessment on the casualty. Once it has been setup correctly, the AED will automatically assess whether a shock is required and will not initiate this unless the casualty is experiencing a serious cardiac rhythm disturbance. 

Completing a Primary Survey on the casualty is a quick way to identify if an AED is required and a training video is available online.

AED locations


Campus location AED location 
Square 3Inside Security and Safety Centre 
Square 5 In the alcove along the walkway between Squares 4 and 5
Essex Sport Arena Outside the first aid room inside the Arena
Sports Centre Outside first aid room, next to reception
Outdoor Sports Courts Near to the entrance of the all-weather courts, opposite the multi-storey 
Sports Pavilion Outside the changing rooms, next to playing fields
William Morris Tower Next to the entrance to William Morris Tower, near North Towers car park
 South Courts Accommodation Outside wall of the Accommodation Office, near Harwich Court 
The Copse Accommodation
Outside wall of Derwent FM Office
University Quays Accommodation
Next to the entrance to the laundrette 


Campus location AED location
Gateway Building Main reception area
University Square Common room
Clifftown Theatre Main reception area


Campus location AED location
Corbett Theatre
 Roding House Main reception area

Do you have to be trained to use a defibrillator?

No – the defibrillator will guide you through what to do with simple voice instructions and visual prompts. Anyone can safely use a defibrillator. Do not wait for the emergency services to arrive to start treating the casualty.

Are defibrillators easy to use?

Yes - All makes of defibrillator will provide voice instructions or visual prompts instructing you what to do, from performing CPR to attaching the pads.

Any defibrillator can be used by anyone with no training.