Using CareerHub

You can use CareerHub to search for jobs and internships, book on to employability events and workshops, and book careers-related appointments with our advisers.

Accessing your account

To access CareerHub, use the first part of your Essex email address and password (your normal campus log in details). If you have any problems, contact IT Services.

Graduating students

If you're about to, or have recently, finished your degree programme you can access CareerHub as soon as you've finished studying. This is usually the end of June for undergraduates and nine month Master's students or the end of September for 12 month Master's students.

Changing your account details

Your account will change automatically. You should receive an email to your non-Essex email address with details of the change to your CareerHub login username (normally your PRID) and instructions for setting a new password for the account.

You'll then be able to continue accessing CareerHub via the 'graduates' option on the login page.


As an Essex alumnus, you can use CareerHub for three years after you finish your studies. Access to careers appointments depends on how long ago you completed your course. See our support for graduates page for more information.

You can't access CareerHub if you finished your course more than three years ago. However, you can still access almost all of the careers information on this website. If you feel you should have access to CareerHub then please email us at