Diversity in careers

In the UK, you have a right to expect every employer to give your applications fair consideration regardless of your age, race, sexuality, gender, disability or culture.

Most graduate recruiters embrace equal opportunities and diversity realising the value a diverse workforce will add to their organisations. However, if you are worried that you might be discriminated against, what can you do to ensure that employers will treat you equally in the recruitment process?

When deciding which employers to apply to, you may want to target organisations that voice a commitment to equal opportunities or diversity in their workforce on their websites or in their corporate literature. The best employers will want people to know about their commitment to fairness but do not limit yourself to applying only to organisations that publicise their commitments. A lack of publicity does not necessarily mean they will not be inclusive employers. Applications should be made on the basis of opportunities and how those opportunities match your own skills and interests.

External resources

  • TargetJobs Diversity Matters Advice on key diversity issues including gender, sexual orientation, race and disability
  • VERCIDA Connecting people to employers who place high importance on a mixed staff population
  • Stonewall The Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual (LGB) charity
  • Stonewall's Starting Out Guide The LGBT Careers Guide
  • SEO London Sponsors for Educational Opportunity London is a charity that provides access, training and mentoring for outstanding young people from under-represented and under-served communities
  • My Plus Student Club Career opportunities and disability inclusive employers

Regulations for international students

If you are a European national you can work freely in the UK. Please read the UKCISA guidance for more information.

If you are from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and have a Tier 4 visa the work you can do is restricted and the rules are complex. Therefore, before you look for work it is very important to check what you can do and seek immigration advice if you need to. If you have a short-term student entry clearance sticker or stamp in your passport you are not allowed to work at all in the UK. Detailed guidance is available on the immigration web pages.

Please be aware that, if you work when you shouldn’t, do any type of work that isn’t allowed (including unpaid or as a work placement) or, you work more hours than allowed in any one week, you will be breaching your immigration conditions. This is a criminal offence and can have very serious consequences for you and the University.