Withdrawing from the University and your accommodation

If you decide for personal or academic reasons to withdraw permanently or temporarily (intermit) from the University, there is a procedure to follow.

Once you have completed the withdrawal process, please inform Accommodation Essex. When this is confirmed please make sure you return your keys. At this point, we will terminate your accommodation contract and will make no further accommodation charges.

If you decide to leave your accommodation and return your keys before we have received confirmation of your withdrawal/intermission, you will still be liable for the rent until confirmation has been received.

Termination of your contract

Your accommodation contract cannot be terminated until we have received both confirmation of the withdrawal/intermission and your room keys.

Terms and conditions

Information about withdrawing/intermitting is covered in our Terms and Conditions of Residence below.

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Terms and Conditions of Residence

Our terms and conditions give details of the terms of your tenancy agreement. By accepting a room when it is offered you are accepting these terms and conditions and you will be entering into a legally binding contract.

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Contact us

For enquiries about accommodation or about an application you're making, contact us at the Student Services Hub. Quote your full name and PRID or PG number on all correspondence.