Room exchanges

If you would like to move to another room, you have the option to exchange with another student.

How to apply

Applications are now open.

1. Advertise on the online noticeboard

Applications are now open.

Once we have received and checked your form, your advert will be uploaded to the room exchange noticeboard within 5 working days. You can also view details of other rooms being advertised on the noticeboard which may fit your requirements.

All room exchanges need to be approved by Accommodation Essex. You will be in breach of your accommodation contract and may be subject to disciplinary action, should you proceed with an exchange without the necessary permission.

  • The noticeboard is only for the use of students registered with the University of Essex who have a current tenancy agreement in University-owned or administered accommodation.
  • Messages on the noticeboard are checked before being posted online.

The noticeboard system is in the public domain, so please:

  • Be aware that you are leaving your name and contact details at your own risk and discretion
  • Do not post phone numbers or email addresses if you are under 18
  • If you do not enter contact information, you will need to contact our Student Services Hub with your contact details and only give contact information that you are happy to have published on the web
  • Contact our Student Services Hub if you are unhappy with anything anyone has posted on the online noticeboard.

If you have already found a student to exchange rooms with, you are not required to advertise online, please simply follow the steps below:

2. Request an exchange

Applications to exchange your room are now open.

Please remember to tell the person you are exchanging with if you live in a show flat, as they will have to agree to the terms of living in a show flat, if they exchange rooms with you.


Once you have found a suitable student for a room exchange, you should both visit the Student Service Hub where your request will be processed.


Once you have found a suitable student for a room exchange, you should contact reception or email us.


  • £20 contract preparation fee (non-refundable): payable by each student. We are only able to take card payments for this transaction in the Student Services Hub.
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Terms and Conditions of Residence

Our terms and conditions give details of the terms of your tenancy agreement. By accepting a room when it is offered you are accepting these terms and conditions and you will be entering into a legally binding contract.


A room exchange will only by authorised if:

  • Both students are fully registered and have the same letting periods (it is important to note that you are only permitted to arrange an exchange for accommodation that has the same letting terms .i.e. an undergraduate cannot exchange for postgraduate accommodation, or a short let (.i.e. one term) would not be able to exchange with a long term let student (full year)
  • Neither student has an outstanding debt to the University
  • No money should change hands between students as all contractual and financial matters will be dealt with by the accommodation office
  • The gender status of each flat is the same; mixed gender flats the gender balance is maintained and the cultural mix maintained
  • Neither student has already completed a room exchange during the current term. (Students are only permitted to exchange rooms once in each term)
  • Neither student has applied to withdraw/intermit from the University

Please note: due the number of students arriving at the start of the academic year, room exchanges are not available until the third week of term. All students must have been living in their accommodation for at least 3 weeks from the date of allocation.

Please note this does not apply to previous twin room occupants.

Types of exchange not permitted

  • Exchanges between three or more students (three-way plus swaps) are not permitted due to the complicated nature of the transaction
  • If you have received a zero invoice as you are being externally funded
  • An exchange may not be permitted if the balance of gender and nationalities is adversely affected within a flat
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Contact us

For enquiries about accommodation or about an application you're making, contact us at the Student Services Hub. Quote your full name and PRID or PG number on all correspondence.