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Departmental Disability Liaison Officers (DDLO)

The Departmental Disability Liaison Officer (DDLO) is a direct link for you between the Student Services Hub and your department. They can help make sure that the Disability Service know about any adjustments you need.

Department Disability Liaison Officer Phone Email
Computing and Electronic Systems Francisco Sepulveda 01206 874151 f.sepulveda@essex.ac.uk
East 15, Loughton Alice Philpott 0208 508 7328 alice.philpott@essex.ac.uk
East 15, Southend Laura Collins 01702 328327 laura.collins@essex.ac.uk
Economics Yongli Wang 01206 872758  yw19798@essex.ac.uk 
Edge Hotel School Dimitri Lera 01206 874684 ldimit@essex.ac.uk
Essex Abroad Katherine Dickerson 01206 872715
Essex Business School, Colchester Hugh Kilmister 01206 872558 hk19689@essex.ac.uk
Essex Business School, Southend Rebecca Yu Li 01702 328406 yu.li@essex.ac.uk
Essex Pathways Department Sandra Stephenson 01206 872840 systeph@essex.ac.uk
Government Hersh Mann 01206 873238 governmentddlo@essex.ac.uk
Health and Social Care, Colchester Natalie Cowan 01206 878417 njcowa@essex.ac.uk
Health and Social Care, Southend Natalie Cowan 01206 878417 njcowa@essex.ac.uk
History Lisa Smith 01206 874120 lisa.smith@essex.ac.uk
Interdisciplinary Studies Centre Ellisif Wasmuth 01206 872622 ellisif.wasmuth@essex.ac.uk
Language and Linguistics Laurel Lawyer 01206 873762 l.lawyer@essex.ac.uk
Law and Human Rights  Bev Jackson 

Sahar Maranlou (PG)
01206 872796 

Life Sciences Phil Reeves 01206 873763  preeves@essex.ac.uk
Literature, Film, and Theatre Studies Daniel O'Brien 01206 872625 d.obrien@essex.ac.uk
Mathematical Sciences Abdel Salhi 01206 873022 as@essex.ac.uk
Philosophy and Art History

Dr Lorna Finlayson (Autumn and Summer)

Ellisif Wasmuth (Spring)

01206 873002

01206 872622



Psychology Tracy Robinson 01206 874134 tracy@essex.ac.uk
Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies Poul Rohleder 01206 872209 p.rohleder@essex.ac.uk
Sociology Robin Brooker 01206 873743 rdbroo@essex.ac.uk
Sport, Rehabiliation and Exercise Sciences Andrew Hammond 01206 872897 andrew.hammond@essex.ac.uk

Role of the Departmental Disability Liaison Officer

The Departmental Disability Liaison Officer:

  • has a knowledge of the subject area you are studying and the structure of the department
  • can provide advice about the University’s specialist support services
  • can act as a link between the department and the Student Services Hub
  • is available if you wish to disclose or initially discuss your needs with them
  • can liaise with lecturers if you are worried, or embarrassed, about talking to them about disability related difficulties
  • can assist if you feel the reasonable adjustments recommended are not being implemented by the department
  • can provide advice if you are experiencing problems with your academic progress as a result of a permanent or temporary disability, medical condition or specific learning difficulty and who will be able to find out about the options available to you
  • will listen to your concerns confidentially

Section Disability Liaison Officers

In addition to Departmental Liaison Officers the following sections have appointed a Section Disability Liaison Officer you can contact to discuss disability related issues.

Role of the Section Disability Liaison Officer

The Section Disability Liaison Officer:

  • has a knowledge of the relevant section’s policies and procedures
  • can act as a link between the section and the Student Services Hub; you can disclose, or discuss your needs, confidentially to them
  • can liaise with members of staff in the section, if appropriate, about students’ disability related difficulties
  • can assist if you feel the reasonable adjustments recommended are not being implemented by the section
Student Services Hub
Need help?

If you need any further help and advice, please contact or visit the Student Services Hub who will be happy to assist you.