Disc Golf Course

The first course in England and the eighth oldest in the world.

The oldest course in the UK

For our 60th Anniversary in 2023/24, we have taken the opportunity to take a fresh look at the course, to retain the very best elements of the course and refresh the rest. The new Diamond Jubilee Course, designed by Disc Golf UK has a variety of terrains, hole lengths and shot shapes that will challenge all levels of player.

Disc golf is an exciting sport similar to traditional golf where players propel a flying disc towards a target. Typically, disc golf is played on a course featuring either 9 or 18 holes where each player takes it in turn to throw their disk until they each reach the respective target. Full details and rules on how to play the game can be found on the Disc Golf UK website.

On the Colchester Campus we offer a host of very accessible amenities open most days of the week, including food choices, toilets and showers. The design philosophy is to offer players a world class experience: maximising all the advantages of a course set in an absolutely beautiful and historic English parkland setting; offering a big start, a mid-course challenge and delivering one of the most memorable finishing stretches in UK disc golf; and the course layout incorporates five unforgettable signature holes.

Tournament disc golf players competing
Tournament disc golf players competing
Disc Golf in Wivenhoe Park
Disc Golf in Wivenhoe Park - Credit: Steve Brading