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Life skills. Study skills. All online.

Here at Essex, we've been finding ways to help students bounce back from home-schooling mode, hours of watching #BoredInTheHouse videos, and days of complete isolation. We get it - going back to 'normal' can feel a little daunting, especially when you have big life choices on the horizon.

If you are currently a student in Years 10-13, the University of Essex would love you to join our online community of young people who are impatient for change and working towards a better future.

Depending on your age, we have courses to choose from that are optional but extremely useful (and fun). What's more, they're completely free of charge. There's no pressure, no tests – just tons of interactive activities, videos, blogs and tips to help you on your educational journey.

What do the Online Courses cover?

We have three Online Courses available:

Each one is designed to prepare you for the next stage of your education, whether that’s sixth form or college, or university. You‘ll learn new ways to tackle your studies, navigate your future choices and master useful life skills like money management, making friends and getting a job. What’s more, each course is packed full of tips you can start using right away and take with you for life!

At Essex, we're impatient for change. Our students and graduates have always been committed to changing the world around them, in big and small ways, and if you choose to study at Essex, we'll empower you to do the same.

Are you a teacher or adviser?

The modules and programmes can be completed independently by students or as part of a class in school or college. Teachers, advisers and support staff can signpost students to the appropriate programme and complete one or more modules together.

Why not try out a few activities during your scheduled form time or PSHE lesson? From transition to communication, from future planning to financial management, the modules can easily fit into the curriculum. Check out the topics for each programme below.

If you have any problems accessing the courses, please email