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University Preparation Programme
School years 12 & 13
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The University Preparation Programme (UPP) has been designed for students in Years 12 and 13. Starting a new chapter in life should not be daunting, the programme will give you a flying start when making decisions about applying to university, and transitioning to life when you get there.

The course is divided into six topics, covering everything from ‘Education’ to ‘Life as a University Student'.

Throughout, you'll build your academic skills such as independent learning, critical thinking, problem-solving and a range of other skills that will help you to succeed at university. You'll learn through a mixture of lectures, articles, and quizzes - and as the course is online, you can study at a pace that suits you. You will also get access to the UPP Booklet, a resource designed to support you during and after completing the course filled with key information and space for all your notes, digital download and printable.


Topics you'll encounter on the University Preparation Programme include:

  • How to study and revise independently
  • Skills to develop an academic argument
  • Revision strategies
  • How to apply to higher education
  • How to manage your money at university and student finance
  • Student life and transition to university

How to enrol

Sign up for the University Preparation Programme in a few simple steps:

  • Register with 'Open Essex'. Follow the step-by-step instructions and remember to write your username and password somewhere safe;
  • Check your inbox. Authorise your Open Essex account using the link provided in the sign-up email;
  • Enrol on the University Preparation Programme. Log into Open Essex and press ‘enrol me';
  • You're ready to roll! Work your way through each module in your own time. Once you've completed all six, you'll have access to a downloadable certificate of achievement!
  • If you’re looking to prepare yourself for Higher Education but are not in Year 12 or 13, why not try out our Further Studies Preparation Programme?

We also have a wide range of other resources on our Schools and Colleges web page, including our fantastic podcast series busting higher education myths, CPD resources for teachers and advisers, tips and tools for university applications, and our all-important information about on-campus events.

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