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We co-ordinate a varied schedule of events throughout the year designed for students aged 11-16, to provide an insight into what it's like to study at university, and the opportunities available through higher education. 

Alongside our annual events, we are pleased to offer tailored virtual and face to face campus visits, representation at careers or Higher Education fairs, school talks and a variety of online resources. We also have a range of events and resources designed for teachers, advisors and counsellors, including our Annual Teacher’s and Advisors’ Conference.

Booking information can be found within each of the event listings below. Please visit our talks, visits and fairs page to make a bespoke booking.

Travel bursaries alongside a range of other benefits are available for Schools Membership partners.


Lockdown Logic

Lockdown Logic is a series of educational and informative blogs, written by current Essex students. They provide a unique opportunity to explore what our students wish they had been told before they left school.

Study skills workshops

These innovative workshops have been designed for students to complete independently, or as part of a session delivered in school.

Students can use the easy-to-follow videos and workbooks to complete the workshop in their own time, by either printing the .pdf version of the workbook or editing the word document using their device.

If you’re a teacher or adviser who is going to deliver the workshop, you will find a .pdf version of the presentation below, as well as the delivery notes and other documents to support your lesson.


Metacognition workshop

Learning about Metacognition will help students to develop their independent learning skills. They will think about the way they learn and assess their strategies. With interactive activities and a murder case that needs help solving, this resource will aid your students and help keep them motivated.

Materials for the self-directed workshop:

Materials for the teacher-led workshop:

Life Design workshop

This workshop will help students to learn about the process of Life Design and the theory behind it. Students can apply this way of thinking to solve problems that don't have an obvious solution.

Materials for the self-directed workshop:

Materials for the teacher-led workshop:

Growth Mind-set workshop

This workshop will help students to understand what a growth mind-set is, identify and explore the benefits, and how it compares to fixed mind-set.

Materials for the self-directed workshop:  

Materials for the teacher-led workshop: 

Higher Education Resources


External links and resources

Universities and Colleges Admissions Services (UCAS)

UCAS administers all of the applications to higher education courses in the UK. The UCAS website offers guidance and advice on higher education courses for students, careers advisers, parents and carers. Students can use the course search to browse and filter courses at universities across the country.

Student Finance

  • gives detailed information about all aspects of student finance and is also the site through which finance applications are made. The finance calculator tool is also really helpful for getting an idea of how much money you might be entitled to for living costs whilst at university.
  • Money Saving Expert has a whole section on the student finance system from the perspective of an independent financial adviser.
  • The Student Loan Repayment website explains how students loans are repaid after university.
  • Students thinking of studying an NHS funded course or social work course will also need to look at the NHS website.
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Webinar series

Join our academics in a brand new six week webinar series. To give you and your students a flavour of what it's like to study our UG and PG courses at Essex, our academics have created a suite of short videos and webinars from multiple departments across the university.

Explore our talks, tasters and webinars


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Schools Membership Scheme

Our Schools Membership scheme launched in 2015 to create a network of schools, sixth-forms and colleges across the UK and around the world. By identifying the schools, we work closely with each year, we are better able to allocate our resources, and are proud to offer our partner schools a range of exclusive benefits.

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