International employees - Joining Essex from Overseas


Postal services

International and domestic postal services can be accessed via the Post Office network. There are over 11,000 Post Offices throughout the UK. To find your nearest Post Office use the branch locator.

Telephone codes

Dialling from the UK to the UK, each area has its own dialling code which precedes the phone number if you are calling from outside the local area. Colchester is 01206, Southend 01702 and Loughton is 020.

The international dialling code for the UK is 44, followed by the area code minus the leading zero. For example, to dial a number in Colchester from overseas the caller dials 44 1206 followed by the telephone number.

Before travelling to the UK you may want to check with your cell phone provider that your phone will work in the UK. Please also note in the UK cell phones are called mobile phones.