Working for us


Counting money

Like most other UK Universities, we use a nationally agreed single pay spine. The University of Essex has 11 Grades and 53 spinal points.

We advertise our salaries on a range to indicate the trajectory of progression that can be made. Appointments are usually made at the start of the salary range. The university salary structure includes automatic pay progression within the published grades, subject to service and performance. In addition to this, there are performance related annual pay review schemes in place.

Incremental progression

In most cases, our employees will receive annual increments until their scale maximum is reached. In cases where employees are placed on a fixed salary point, no increments will be awarded. Increments are awarded annually at 1 August (for Grades 1-6) or 1 October (for Grades 7-11) each year, subject to satisfactory service. The award of the first increment on the scale is subject to 6 months of continuous satisfactory service in the Grade by the 1 August (Grades 1-6) or 1 October (Grades 7-11). Those areas shaded in grey on the Pay Structure are discretionary points and are only awarded to those individuals who have reached the top of their grade and who have shown continuing and sustained work performance over an extended period of time. No individual may be awarded a discretionary salary point unless already at the top of the ordinary scale or currently paid on a range of discretionary points at the top of a scale.

Salary increases

All our employees normally receive an annual salary increase, negotiated at national level with the recognised trade unions, and usually effective from 1 August each year.