Careers in Sport, Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences

Helen Hunt

A greyscale photo of Sports Performance and Coaching graduate Helen Hunt, standing on a beach front with sheds and chairs in the background.

“For me the sense of community was the key. I felt that the facilities helped me with get to know all my course mates and lecturers really quickly.”

Helen Hunt, BSc Sports Performance and Coaching graduate, now Volleyball Coach for Kohtla-Järve Spordiselts Kalev, Estonia.

I am very passionate about developing the next generation of athletes. Since graduating my journey has taken me from an English-speaking country to a small Russian-speaking town with a lot of new volleyball enthusiasts in Estonia.

I chose Essex as it is a very exciting place to live and study. I always wanted to go to university in England and after meeting the staff and seeing the state-of-the-art facilities I felt like this was the perfect place for me.

My course helped me develop my skill set and has helped shape me as a coach. I enjoyed a variety of modules, but the biomechanics module really stands out in my mind. As a competitive person, turning the problem-solving elements into a race against my peers made the lecture very enjoyable and memorable.

Being a coach was a career I always saw myself working in and without my degree, I wouldn't be doing it today. All the practical sessions at Essex helped me in how I conduct my coaching sessions and being a Higher Education Volleyball Officer (HEVO) with the sports centre helped me see the daily life of a coach.

A typical day for me usually starts at 3pm and then it’s three back-to-back sessions with 11–18-year-olds. My favourite element is seeing someone master a skill and the joy that comes out of it makes every day a little more special. My next step is to volunteer with some bigger clubs both in Estonia and beyond and see where that takes me.