School of Sport, Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences

Our people

Discover the people behind sport, rehabilitation and exercise science at Essex

The School of Sport, Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences is home to academic experts, dedicated professionals, and the future of sport, rehabilitation and exercise research.

Our academics carry out important research in areas of rehabilitation and sport science.

Our "Green Exercise" project has already shown that the environment you exercise in has an impact on mental health. Dr Mike Rogerson worked with Essex Wildlife Trust on a project focusing on volunteering outdoors. The project showed that outdoor volunteering can improve mental health in just six weeks.

Research by Dr Carly Wood revealed that therapeutic community gardening helped reduce loneliness during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr Ben Jones is working with Colchester Rugby Club to investigate the impact of concussion incidents on rugby players.

Our research is not just focused on young athletes. It has an impact on healthy ageing, the next generation, and mental health and wellbeing. Discover more about our staff and their research.

  • Our academic staff hold various posts within the department, deliver excellence in the teaching of our modules, and conduct research in a wide range of specialisms.
  • Our professional services staff are responsible for the day-to-day operation of the department, supporting the delivery of our teaching and our research.
  • Our research students investigate a broad range of exciting topics and are supervised by our academic staff.

Contact details and further information about the specific interests of our members can be found in their profiles.