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Our School has a proven track record of excellence in teaching, research and applied sports science. We are 23rd in UK for research power in sport and exercise sciences (Times Higher Education research power measure, Research Excellence Framework 2021).

Our research reflects a diverse range of interests with staff working across three research groups conducting world leading research in sport, rehabilitation, exercise sciences and health. Our research is not just about academic excellence. It has impact encompassing individuals, groups, communities and the wider society. 

The SRES research community, academic staff and research students, are members of one or more research groups, which cover key areas of our work.

The groups support all members to produce rigorous and important research, promote knowledge exchange between group members (sharing of research ideas, skills and funding opportunities), and enhance research collaborations within and beyond SRES and the wider University.

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A photo of the middle of a microscope, showing the three objectives lenses, the mechanical stage where samples are placed, and the top of the illuminator underneath.
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Our research is not just about academic excellence. It has wide ranging societal impact in areas as diverse as sports performance, cardiac health and childhood wellbeing.

  • How we started the green exercise revolution - Our research on Green Exercise has led to a successful Big Lottery funding bid by the charity Mind, which supported 130 environmental projects that have improved the mental wellbeing of participants.
  • Ticking timebomb of children's fitness - Our research has shown that children's fitness is falling, and that our obsession with Body Mass Index may be hiding a far larger issue.

Recent projects

Our research projects focus on more than just athletes. It can have an impact on staff wellbeing for businesses, improve sports participation for children, and challenge the accepted views on areas such as children's fitness.

  • Dr Valerie Gladwell has carried out multiple projects on wellbeing in the workplace. Her research showed that reduced working hours helps with staff stress, and that an adrenaline boost (from something as simple as going on a slide) can improve productivity.
  • Research carried out at the University of Essex by Dr Gavin Sandercock showed a worrying trend of declining child fitness levels.
  • Research by Dr Mike Rogerson shows that teenagers, who are increasingly suffering from poor mental health, are the age group most disconnected from nature.
  • A collaborative project between Dr Ben Jones and Dr Gavin Sandercock led to the Rugby Football Union changing regulations for junior rugby, which aim to improve participation rates and enjoyment for young players.
  • Academics in our School are carrying out research in to Green Exercise, and the impact that nature has on both our mental and physical health.
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