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The Essex Graduate Conference in Linguistics (EGCL) takes place in Spring each year. It provides an opportunity for our postgraduate students to present their work to our linguistics staff and student community under conference-like conditions.

EGCL has been held annually since 1996 with papers delivered on topics across the linguistics discipline.

Present your work

The benefits:

  • giving a presentation on your work forces you to structure and evaluate it. This enables you to spot and correct flaws in arguments and identify new ways forward
  • you can get feedback from others on what you have done so far and benefit from their advice about what you might do in the future for new lines of exploration, more appropriate tools or techniques and helpful literature
  • it's an excellent opportunity to get conference practice in friendly surroundings.


Our 24th conference

24th EGCL is held on Thursday 21 March 2019 in NTC.1.03 (Registration starts at 10.00). All fields of linguistics are welcome.
You can register to attend the conference here.

This year we are honoured to have Dr. Thomas Devlin, University of Huddersfield, as a plenary speaker (1200-1300) giving a talk on "Investigating Tone in a Spoken Corpus of Cameroon Pidgin English". You can find out more about Dr Devlin's talk here. 

EGCL is a friendly platform for a good conference practice for graduate students at the University of Essex. The Programme will be uploaded shortly. Please make sure you register for attendance through this 

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