Department of language and linguistics

Equality and Inclusion

Promoting and celebrating equality at Essex

The Department of Language and Linguistics gained an Athena Swan Bronze Departmental Award in October 2019. 

The Athena Swan charter was created in 2005 and further expanded in 2015 to recognise commitment to advancing the careers of women (and men where appropriate), transgender staff and students in academic, professional and support roles.

"The multicultural and diverse nature of our department, both in terms of our staff, our students, our teaching and our research, mirror our commitment to creating a culture of equality and respect. We want all staff and students to feel included and to provide them with the opportunities to fulfil their potential. As Athena Swan lead, I look forward to working with colleagues to embed the Athena Swan principles of gender equality into everything we do.”
Jessie Mallinson Lecturer & Athena Swan Lead

Celebrating success in the department

Our department has 41 academic members of staff, 35 of whom identify as women. We also have around 56 research students, 39 of whom also identify as women. Furthermore, we have approximately 54 different nationalities amongst our students alone: you will hear a wide range of languages within our corridors!

Investigating gender and identity through language

Several of our modules within Language & Linguistics explore how language is used within the spectrum of gender identification and different cultures, as well as the language rights people have within society:




Language Rights


Language and Gender




Intercultural Communication: communicating across languages and cultures


Language and Human Rights    


Language Expert 1


Language Expert 2

Resources for all in the department

Below is a list of resources which are available to everyone in the department and across the University of Essex: