Marketing, International Business, Business Administration and Tourism Management

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If you've applied to study International Business and Entrepreneurship, Business Administration, Marketing or Tourism Management at the University of Essex then you will be joining Essex Business School Southend. Students at our Southend campus learn about the challenges facing entrepreneurs and the self-employed and how the landscape of international business is changing forever.

Find out below what makes our management science and entrepreneurship degrees unique and what our current students have to say about their courses.

Welcome to Essex Business School Southend

The courses at our Southend campus offer a practical education based around business simulation and a quantitative approach to management, marketing and business.

Our students are encouraged to think on their feet and place themselves inside entrepreneurial scenarios that could one day launch their careers.

Ifra Qureshi, BSc Marketing student and Women's Officer
"I see myself working in marketing and something that involves representing people because that is something that I really enjoy doing. In my role as Women’s Officer, I really enjoy being a voice for people so I want my future role to involve representing and being a voice for others."
Ifra Qureshi BSc Marketing