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Microeconomics Research Seminar Series

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Join us as expert scholars present research from the field of microeconomics

The Microeconomics Research Seminar Series showcases the latest thinking from the field of microeconomics.

The Microeconomics Seminar Series features talks on a wide array of topics including microeconomic theory, industrial organisation, social networks, political economy and behavioural / experimental economics.

These seminars will be presented via Zoom and will be held on Monday afternoons between 4pm and 5pm. This is an open seminar series and all levels of study and members of the public are welcome. In order to gain access to the Zoom meeting and reserve your place, please contact our seminar organisers.

Microeconomics Seminar Series Autumn 2020:

  •  Do Thank You Calls Increase Charitable Giving? Expert Forecasts and Field Experimental Evidence by Anya Samek on Monday 12th October at 4pm (BST)
  •  When Choices Are Mistakes by Kirby Nielsen on Monday 19th October at 4pm (BST)
  • Inaccurate Statistical Discrimination: An Identification Problem by Aislinn Bohren on Monday 23rd November at 4pm (GMT)


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Contact the seminar organisers
Contact the seminar organisers
Dr Ahrash Dianat Department of Economics
University of Essex
Dr Aditya Kuvalekar Department of Economics
University of Essex