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Applied Economics Research Seminar Series

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Meet leading scholars from the field of applied economics

The Applied Economics Research Seminar Series showcases the latest thinking in applied economics.

Our Applied Economics Seminar Series aims to address some important questions in empirical economics. These talks will be delivered by scholars who bring together a wide array of expertise on issues affecting social and private behaviour. In particular, this series focuses on aspects such as supply and demand of labour services, distribution of income, human capital, labour mobility, productivity and technology, applied and policy issues in development, family, health, demographics, cities and regions.

This seminar series will be presented via Zoom and held on Thursday afternoons between 4pm and 5pm, from October through to April. This is an open seminar series and all levels of study and members of the public are welcome. In order to gain access to the Zoom meeting and reserve your place, please contact our seminar organisers.

Contact the seminar organisers
Contact the seminar organisers
Dr Michel Serafinelli Department of Economics
University of Essex
Dr Xiaoyu Xia Department of Economics
University of Essex