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We run an exciting programme of events for our students, staff and members of the public.


Our weekly seminars provide a forum for everyone to present and discuss our latest research.


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Inviting, sharing and showcasing our Expert Seminar Series

Our department is proud to associate with some of the leading experts working in the field of economics today. We work closely alongside, researchers, educators and practitioners from outside of the University and we proudly showcase these in our Expert Seminar Series. 

Some of our recent External Speakers

Professor David Zeke

David Zeke is an Assistant Professor from the University of Southern California who specialises in Macroeconomics and Finance.

David visited us to give a Macro seminar on Risk adjusted capital allocation and misallocation.

Professor Ugo Troiano

Ugo Troiano is an Assistant Professor from the College of Literature, Science and the Arts, University of Michigan.

Ugo's research interests are Political Economy and Public Economics.

David visited our department to give a seminar on Broadening the State: Policy responses to the Introduction of the Income Tax.

Professor Daniel Quigley

Daniel Quigley is an Associate Professor at the University of Oxford.

Daniel specialises in economic theory, finance and political economy.

He recently joined us to give an economic theory seminar on Persuasion for the Long Run. 

Research seminars and events
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Green Impact Launch: Southend
Cross University Research Event: Behavioural Social Sciences