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Our weekly seminars provide a forum for everyone to present and discuss our latest research.


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Inviting, sharing and showcasing our Expert Seminar Series

Our department is proud to associate with some of the leading experts working in the field of economics today. We work closely alongside, researchers, educators and practitioners from outside of the University and we proudly showcase these in our Expert Seminar Series. 

Some of our past External Speakers

External Seminar Series

The External Seminar series is the principal research event held each week within the department, alongside specialised subject seminars.

The Autumn 2019 External Seminar series included the following presentations:

Professor Karen Macours from the Paris School of Economics discussed her paper on Education, Income and Mobility: Experimental Impacts of Childhood Exposure to Progresa after 20 Years (.pdf). 

Professor Giovanni Facchini from the University of Nottingham presented his paper on Immigrant franchise and immigration policy: Evidence from the Progressive Era .(pdf).

Professor Laurent Gobillon, also from the Paris School of Economics, discussed his paper on The Production Function for Housing: Evidence from France (.pdf). 

Professor Marco Manacorda, from Queen Mary University of London, discussed his paper on The Politics and Economics of Government Aid.

Dr Monica Costa Dias, from the Institute of Fiscal Studies, presented her paper on Wages, Experience and Training of Women over the Lifecycle.

Professor Giulio Fella, from Queen Mary University of London, discussed his paper on Household Earnings Risk, Government Policy, and Welfare. 

Macro Seminar Series

The 2019 Autumn term Macro Seminar series included the following presentations:

Professor Petr Sedlacek, from the University of Oxford, presented his paper on Demand-Driven Growth. 

Professor Ricardo Reis, from the London School of Economics and Political Science, discussed his paper on the Markets versus the People: Disagreement and Long-run Inflation Expectations.

Professor Fabian Kindermann, from the University of Regensburg, presented his paper on Rental Markets and Wealth Inequality in the Euro-Area. (.pdf)

Professor Wouter Den Haan, from the London School of Economics and Political Sciences, discussed his paper on Agnostic Structural Disturbances (ASDs): Detecting and Reducing Misspecification in Empirical Macroeconomic Models. (.pdf)

Micro Seminar Series

The 2019 Autumn term Micro Seminar series included presentations from the following speakers:

Professor Andriy Zapechelnyuk, from the University of St Andrews, whose areas of interest are; microeconomic theory and applications, focusing on communication and information design, optimal contracts, and robust decision theory.

Professor Julia Salmi, from University College London, who discussed her paper on Gradual Learning from Incremental Actions. (.pdf)