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Analytics, Data Science and Decision Making Summer School 2021

This virtual summer school brings you cutting-edge courses across the fields of data science, analytics and decision making.

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Current Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs):

  • BT KTP 2: Develop methods that will leverage data across all channels to optimise interactions with customers – the ability to target more accurately and in a timely manner with customers to provide them with appropriate suggestions, offers and incentives to maximise their satisfaction and optimise ROI.
  • Datat Spartan: The project investigates the use of algorithms (genetic + reinforcement) for the identification of optimal asset trading strategies.
  • Fisher Jones and Greenwood LLP: The utilisation of natural language processing and UX design to accelerate and automate the generation of new business leads via a conversational agent, which will combine elements of a chatbot and novel UX design.
  • Preqin Ltd. KTP 1: The project will create new methods of capturing insight from current and future Preqin datasets by embedding AI and Machine Learning techniques across the unique Preqin investor platform.
  • Preqin Ltd. KTP 2: Embedding new mathematical and technological approaches to how alternative asset investors make strategic decisions, providing significant progress to formalising human understanding into a theoretically grounded service using semantic web, automated graph based reasoning and network science.
  • Provide CIC: To create a ground-breaking decision making engine using AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to reduce the frequency of face-to-face clinician appointments in a defined healthcare test area, guided by psychosocial research into acceptance and adoption of technological innovations in healthcare.
  • TT Education: The development of a new CPD tracker using AI and embedded machine learning to track and enhance performance of all staff. To gather data from the CPD tracker that will provide insight into effective strategies offering senior leaders a clear path for development driving industry-wide improvement.

Recently Completed Knowledge Transfer Partnerships:

  • Hood Group: The embedding of machine learning and principles of AI technology to deploy a data-driven growth strategy in a sector leading business with a vision to disrupt the insurance industry.
  • Orbital Media and Advertising Ltd.: The design and development of a scalable, avatar based, digital healthcare platform, driven by AI and Machine Learning technology. This will provide medically approved health advice and information to the increasing numbers of internet users who seek medical information online.
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Data Science and AI Project Placements

We're looking for organisations to carry out joint work on a data-related project involving the use of advanced data analytics. We'll connect you with a Masters student for a 10 week period, during which they will work closely with your organisation on a problem or opportunity you've identified, with supervision from academics and research staff at the University.

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