New research project to give organisations access to Essex's data science students

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    Mon 15 Jan 24

A person working at a laptop

Tech organisations have the chance to team up with the data scientists of the future and lean on their expertise thanks to an exciting new research project.

Organisations are invited to sign up to the Data Science and AI scheme, which will allow them to work with Essex Masters students to solve issues and problems they may be facing.

The students will apply their knowledge in advanced analytical data, machine learning and AI to find data solutions to tasks given to them.

Run and funded by the Business and Local Government Data Research Centre, the project will take place over a 10-week period starting in February and include students from the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, and the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science.

It will also allow organisations to engage with Essex’s academic and research community, who will be providing support and advice to students taking part in the project.

Professor Maria Fasli, who is the Director of the Business and Local Government Data Research Centre, said: “This is a really exciting opportunity for organisations that want to innovate and undertake technical projects that would involve the use of advanced analytics and would provide them access to expertise and skills that otherwise they would not have at their disposal.

“Working with the Masters students will mean organisations will gain an injection of new expertise and skills to assist on a specific project or provide specialist skills and knowledge.

"New innovations always come from fresh ideas and a new perspective, and that’s exactly what Essex students will be able to offer.”

Organisations are asked to complete an expression of interest application by 26 January, 2024.

To apply you will need to complete a simple application form available from the Business and Local Government Data Research Centre.

Please email the team to request your application form via