When it comes to data science and data analytics research, Essex has a long and proud history, challenging conventional approaches and using data in impactful, new and exciting ways.

At the core of this expertise is the Institute for Analytics and Data Science (IADS). Here, IADS Director Professor Haris Mouratidis explains the exciting new strategy for the institute.

It is an exciting time for IADS. Our strategy proposes a radical new socio-technical data science approach that explores the relationship between humans, data and technology and introduces trustworthiness at the centre.

The technology dimension is influenced by technological advancements that are taking place – such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, quantum computing and cybersecurity.

The human dimension refers to the impact that data has on humans, as examined within social sciences, economics and politics, legal and regulatory frameworks and humanities.

The concept of trustworthiness is crucial to ensure these core elements lead to the production of impactful research and data science solutions that people trust.

This approach to data science puts multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary collaborations at the forefront. It allows Essex researchers to break intellectual boundaries and provide answers to difficult and challenging societal questions. This approach builds on the Essex ethos of going boldly, looking at how we can do things differently and not just sticking to tried and tested approaches.

The vision for IADS is to use analytics and data science to develop solutions that transform the world and benefit individuals and communities.

About IADS

IADS was created in July 2014 to bring together all the University’s expertise and work in analytics and data science. IADS brings together over 100 Essex researchers from three academic faculties, including a UNESCO Chair in Analytics and Data Science.

They work together, crossing disciplinary boundaries, challenging conventional approaches, and using data to solve the big problems we face in all aspects of our lives.

IADS has expertise in research areas that are fundamental for the development of data science and analytics, including artificial intelligence, with focus on reinforcement learning, machine learning, neural networks, natural language processing, data visualisation, optimisation algorithms, causal inference, statistical modelling, computational statistics, sentiment analysis, cybersecurity, privacy engineering and decision making.

We also have a strong record of applying theoretical research into practical applications to real world challenges including health care, biology and bioinformatics, environmental sciences, linguistics, critical infrastructures, policy and government.