Maria leading the way for women in data science

  • Date

    Mon 19 Oct 20

Professor Maria Fasli

Professor Maria Fasli has been included in a list of ten women leading the way in data science, announced by leading science and technology website

A report earlier this year suggested that only about 15-22% of all professionals in data science-related roles are women. With this in mind, wanted to highlight some of the “incredible women in the data science industry who are leading the way”.

It said whilst the data science industry was thriving and artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning continued to evolve - which was creating new and exciting opportunities in tech - there is still a gender gap in this sector that needed to be addressed.

Professor Fasli, a computer scientist with expertise in AI, data science and big data, is Executive Dean of the Faculty of Science and Health at Essex. Her other roles include being the first UNESCO Chair in Analytics and Data Science and is Director of the Institute for Analytics and Data Science at the University.

Acknowledging her professional expertise, the website said Professor Fasli’s “key objective was to highlight the critical role that data plays in promoting equality, sustainable development and how it can enhance people’s lives”.

Professor Fasli said: “I am delighted and truly honoured to be amongst a great list of female data scientists and it shows the strength and expertise of women in such an exciting interdisciplinary area.

“I am passionate about encouraging more women to take on STEM subjects and data science and artificial intelligence, which have the potential to impact almost all aspects of human activity and are incredibly creative areas to be working in.”