Eid holds a special place in our hearts, a time when the hustle and bustle of daily life takes a backseat as we come together with our loved ones.

Eid is like a special reward after fasting throughout the entire month of Ramadan. Back home Eid always started with a burst of energy as our family dived into preparations at least 2 weeks before the actual day. It was a time of excitement and anticipation, from selecting the perfect clothes to ensuring our shoes matched just right, every detail mattered as we wanted to look our best on this auspicious day!

Then comes the part to shop for Eid grocery where my mom used to make sure we are fully stocked with food items. The Eid morning usually is super busy so we all used to make sure to do as much as we could, a night before. The laughter echoing through the halls as we gathered to iron clothes, the girls getting their henna done, the kids not sleeping cause the excitement is a little way too much for them :D

A collage showing Marium Masroor wearing a flowers, jewellery, and henna on her wrist; a selfie with her husband; and a banknote rolled up and tied to a 2D cartoon figure on card.

As the sunrises, in the kitchen, the aroma of “Sheer Khorma” fills the air as it simmers to perfection, a beloved tradition passed down through generations. This special dish is made by cooking vermicelli in hot, bubbling milk with sugar, and tossing in plenty of yummy dry fruits. It's like a burst of happiness in every bite! Mum always made sure that it was ready before the Eid prayers.

While the men headed to the mosque for Eid prayers, the women of the house offered their prayers at home. Then the Queens; my mom and sisters’ in law whipped up a massive breakfast spread.

Amidst all the cooking and excitement, there was one thing on my mind: Eidi! As the youngest in the family, I eagerly awaited the return of my elder brothers, knowing that they'd shower me with Eidi (it’s a gift in the form of money which the elders give to the younger ones)!

As time passed all of us got married and now, I am an aunt of 8 super adorable nieces and nephews, the tables have turned, and it's my turn to give “Eidi” to these little ones. It's a bittersweet reminder of how quickly time flies, but the joy of celebrating Eid together as a family remains unchanged. 😊

Marium Masroor lines up for a family photo with white, green, blue, and gold balloons behind the group.

Once everyone returned from prayers, the whole family gathered to enjoy breakfast. Laughter echoed through the house as we shared stories, caught up on each other's lives, and savored the delicious food. It was a joyful moment of togetherness, where the warmth of family bonds filled the room, making Eid even more special. How could I forget the tradition of clicking countless pictures in our new Eid outfits? Taking a zillion pictures on Eid is mandatory!

After a busy morning, everyone took a nap at noon to recharge for the grand family dinner at night. Then came the highlight of the day: preparing the royal feast! Biryani, everyone's absolute favorite, took center stage, stealing the show with its aroma and flavourful spices. Alongside, there were plenty of other mouthwatering dishes to indulge in.

This food isn't just about satisfying hunger; it plays a pivotal role in our Eid celebrations, bringing us together to share not just meals, but also moments of warmth and togetherness. Eid is a time to bond over delicious flavors and create lasting memories with you family and friends.

Last year I and my husband, moved to a different country, even an entirely different continent, I've come to appreciate the true value of family, especially on special occasions like Eid. I find myself longing for those cherished moments from the past. It's in these moments of nostalgia that I realise the irreplaceable bond that family shares, and the longing to recreate those precious memories grows stronger with each passing day. I really hope I can be back home with my family for the next Eid. This time, I'm determined to enjoy every moment as much as I can. I'll hug everyone tightly, laugh with them, and just be happy to be together. Being with family is the best part of Eid, and I don't want to miss out on any of it.