The corporate world always appealed to me. From a young age I was fascinated by the idea of becoming a leader and influencing an organisation’s operations and outcomes. I knew pursuing university would enable me to achieve my goals and that choosing the right one was a serious process. Ultimately, I chose the University of Essex.

Firstly, the University of Essex’s reputation for research and being highly ranked among other universities worldwide was appealing, as was the state of the art, carbon neutral Essex Business School building at Colchester Campus. The university offers a comprehensive and well-rounded Business Management program. Alongside lectures, we also get to engage in case studies and group projects that allow us to touch on real-world insights and shape our perspectives.

The chance to be part of a diverse community was also one of my reasons for choosing Essex. I found the idea of engaging with this vibrant and inclusive community enriching, as it fosters a global mindset that allows me to be more open to new ideas, as well as being flexible to work with people from different backgrounds.

Another factor that I considered during my decision making was Essex's commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship. The University of Essex actively encourages students to explore their entrepreneurial spirit, providing resources such as Essex Startups, mentorship programs, and networking events with industry leaders. There is also a dedicated building called The Innovation Centre which offers a wide range of resources and sessions to allow everyone to become more educated about how to be an entrepreneur.

When choosing a university, I was considering taking a placement as well. The University of Essex stood out because it has extremely strong partnerships with industry leaders and an impressive alumni network. I discovered that Essex offers a variety of internships and work placements which make incredible stepping stones in my career, allowing me to apply the theoretical knowledge learned at the university while developing essential skills and career experience.

Lastly, the student life at Essex is an amazing experience. There are plenty of extracurricular activities to do, such as joining societies and sports clubs, volunteering, and participating in social events on campus, so you will never be bored. These experiences also help you develop skills that you can use later in your career, such as teamwork and interpersonal skills.

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Michael at EBS