My experience has been a wonderful one from the first day I decided to join the University of Essex. A lot of online research and findings about the school brought me even closer to the school even before I arrived at the university to start my studies. One of the most amazing parts of this was the organization and structures of the student accommodation. This was the most vital part of my journey as an international student as relocating to a new environment with a different climate and culture was a big deal for me and something that had to be done carefully.

The distance of my room to the lecture theatre building is very close as it takes about 10 to 15 minutes for me to walk to class. This allows me to be able to rest more in the mornings. There is a mini store in the school where one can quickly get some groceries and snacks. The closeness of everything also made going to the school library anytime of the day easy.

There are different room types ranging from en-suite rooms, studio apartments, flats with shared facilities and more, depending on what you prefer. As soon as you arrive to your accommodation, you receive your own keys to your room with which you will be able to access and gain entry to the accommodation building. The surrounding is always kept clean and neat, even the communal areas. The maintenance and timely fix of some of the faulty appliances also make the environment feel like home to me. All the rooms are furnished with mattresses and bed frames. The reading table and chair are comfy and encourage me to study.

Another interesting part of the university accommodation for me is the kitchen area. It's always kept neat and tidy ready for other individuals to use. Most of all the kitchen utensils and equipment are already provided as this makes preparation of meals after a very long day lectures at school quick. There is also a fridge and freezer available to keep food leftovers. Utilities are included in the rent, so I can rest assured that I’ll have electricity, hot water, heating and internet. Not worrying about having to pay for bills every month is one of the things I enjoyed about the accommodation.

I must also talk about the student service available. There are many teams ready to help students navigate through the university and answer their questions or doubts they might have. The Sports Arena is somewhere to go after a long day of studies to ease the stress while having a very exciting and enriching experience. As a student, all you need to do is register with a token and you become an active member. There are many clubs and societies on campus that make you feel at home as you get to meet with different people from different cultures.

You can rest assured that you are always safe within the school around the campus as the security team is available 24/7. The security team contact number is available for quick support anytime. I remember some time ago that I felt ill, the proximity of the medical centre to my accommodation made it very for me to quickly seek medication attention and I was treated and became well.

All these and many more made staying in the university accommodation the best option for me. The supportive system and the friendly environment made learning come with ease. I really enjoyed the journey I embarked on with the University of Essex as a postgraduate student and if I am to choose a learning and conducive environment to proceed with my Doctorate degree, I will choose the University of Essex and secure a place in the accommodation again.