We all know the stereotype that University students spend all their time (and loan) drinking and in clubs, and you might be worried that if you don’t drink you won’t make friends. Have no fear because this article is going to clue you in on six sober social activities you can do at our Colchester Campus.

1. Craft and create

SU Makes workshops run throughout the year and offer free workshops where you can chill and chat whilst learning how to make badges, journals, embroidery and more.

2. Fun and games

One of the best ways to meet people is by joining one of our clubs and societies. There really is something for everyone whether you’re into football, film or first aid. Head down to the Freshers Fair in Welcome Week to chat to current members and see what’s on offer.

3. Sip and stroll

Is there anything better than coffee? If your answer is 'no' then you’re in luck as our Colchester Campus hosts six (yes, six!) coffee shops and cafés. And if your answer is 'yes, there is something better than coffee', fear not because these cafés also serve iced tea, hot chocolate and even milkshakes. Once you’ve grabbed a coffee you can take a wander around the lakes or take a stroll around the Thursday market on Square three.

4. Festivals and fun days

There’s always something happening at Essex and SU events are highly anticipated each year. One of the most popular events is the Holi celebrations. Known as the festival of colour, Holi is a celebration and one of the only times it is socially acceptable to throw paint at strangers. Essex hosts celebrations throughout the year including lunar new year and bonfire night. Sometimes you don’t even need a holiday to celebrate. Join in with the colour run, squad games and winter market, all right here on campus.

5. Pets and Pebbles

It would be impossible to talk about campus without giving a shout-out to Pebbles, our beloved campus cat. However, Pebbles isn’t the only cute critter around. During exam season keep an eye out for petting zoos and therapy dogs. They’re a great way to take a break from studying and pay them a visit for a cuteness boost.

6. Tech and theatrics

The Lakeside Theatre is the University’s very own home of all things stage-y. Whether you want to be on the stage, performing as an actor, behind it as part of the tech crew, or you’re happy to be in the audience, the Lakeside Theatre provides shows created by students, new individual productions, and livestreams of National Theatre shows.

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