A Chevening scholarship has put James on track to entering the world of green finance.

“It has been a positive experience so far being able to receive a fully funded scholarship to pursue my MSc in Accounting and Financial Management at Essex. The University has blown my mind with not only the quality of learning received through my modules and the interesting topics covered but also the support from my lecturers, professors, tutors and the business school in general.

“I am also quite fascinated by the diversity in terms of students and staff and the number of activities and events put on by the Student Union. Essex is a good place to study.”

James is wearing a blue patterned shirt and holding a sign that reads 'I can't keep calm I've been chosen for Chevening'

Coming from Samoa in the South Pacific, James admitted to finding the weather a bit challenging and added that he 'misses speaking Samoan all the time'.

James heaps praises about the course and life on campus at Essex, “my courses are taught by some of the most qualified lecturers and I love the fact Essex Business School is the first zero carbon school in the country. I am passionate about climate change specifically in the areas of sustainable accounting so I look forward to keep learning from my professors that work in that space, such as Professor Pawan Adhikari.

James’s long-term aim is to work in an organisation that focuses on environmental issues. “Climate change is a real issue today and I want to be part of that movement. I also want to advocate more for sustainable accounting and holding large corporations to account by ensuring they report on the Corporate Social Responsibility contributions.”

It is thanks to a scholarship that James is on track for his future in green finance. As part of our Essex Futures appeal, we’re raising £1m for scholarships to help unlock the potential in even more students like James. Learn more about Essex Futures.

This blog was written by Student Philanthropy Assistant, Jeswin Joseph.