Antonella is one of our Essex students who studied abroad in Mexico in 2021/22. We asked Antonella about her time in Mexico and why she choose to study there…

Why did you choose to go to Mexico?

I’ve always wanted to visit a country with a totally different culture from mine, and Mexico was a great choice. It is an extremely colourful and lively country, but the best part are the people, ready to welcome you and make you feel at home even if you come from the other side of the world.

“Día de los Muertos” in Mexico City

What are the differences between Mexican university and Essex?

Unfortunately, I had to take classes online which did not allow me to have a full experience of Mexican universities. Nevertheless, the biggest difference is essay writing which is essential in Essex as in British universities. Essay is not a thing in Mexico, It was nice to not having to struggle over essays for 9 months. 

What were the best moments from your time in Mexico?

I had the opportunity to travel a lot and see different landscapes from the wild nature to the majestic Mayan ruins, but I have definitely spent the best moments watching sunsets with my group of friends on a deserted stretch of beach.

sunset on beach in Puerto Escondido Mexico

What would your advice be to anyone considering studying in another country?

Going on a year abroad does not mean going on a holiday. It means getting in touch with an unknown culture and make it your own. Don’t be afraid of what you don’t know, this journey will serve you to know yourself but most importantly to experience a different world and a different life.

What was your favourite local meal?

Definitely quesadillas. Mexican food is amazing but getting to make your tortilla from scratch and cook it with some Oaxacan’s cheese is an experience that would make everyone’s day better.

Did you feel different after your year abroad?

Absolutely. I feel a much richer person than before, obviously I mean richer in experiences, in friendships, in memories, in self-awareness. This experience has helped me to open my mind and to get to know myself better. I improved my Spanish by learning Mexican slang. Finally I learned to see things and the world with another point of view, I learned that even in toughest times there is a different perspective, you just have to to get out own comfort zone and look for it. 

A group of students in Mexico

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