LEAP is our Learner Engagement Activity Portal. It’s your personal tool for reviewing your engagement and keeping on top of your studies. It’s a great way to see how you’re getting on and help you take control of your learning. Your department may also use this rating when considering how best to support you with your studies.

What is engagement?

LEAP allows you to view all your interactions with the all the resources available to you at Essex. These include things like your attendance at teaching events, and how much you things like Moodle, Listen Again, FASER, Library resources, and PC labs.

We call your level of interaction with these activities your ‘engagement’.

LEAP looks at how much you’ve used each of these resources and gives you a daily and average engagement rating, which ranges from Very Low to High. You can use this rating as a guide to keep track of how well you are engaging with your studies.

How can I use LEAP?

You will automatically get access to LEAP when you register each year. You can log into LEAP by visiting leap.essex.ac.uk. You can also access LEAP on your phone, just click on the LEAP tile on the Pocket Essex mobile app.

You can use LEAP to:

  • find your profile details, including contact details for your Personal Tutor
  • see notes and actions from your Personal Tutor or departmental support staff after any meetings you have with them
  • track your engagement over time and identify ways you can improve your engagement rating by making the most of University resources
  • view your attendance record and track your attendance percentage over time

Is my data safe?

LEAP stores all student data on a secure University server. We store your engagement data for a maximum of six years, and you can request access to your own data at any time by writing to studentprogress@essex.ac.uk.

The University uses student data in ways that are ethical, proportionate and transparent, and to the benefit of our students. We want to support you to succeed in your studies and your data will only be shared with those who have a role in supporting your engagement.

You can learn more about how we use your data by viewing our Student Engagement Policy and Ethical Use of Data Policy.

Further information

For more information on anything relating to engagement, attendance or LEAP, please take a look at our Student Directory.

We hope you enjoy using LEAP and find it a useful tool during your time with us at Essex. If you have any questions, please email us at studentprogress@essex.ac.uk.