Do you live in Eddington tower? You can now recycle your food waste in your flat. In each kitchen you will find a food waste bin like below under the worktop. 

A food waste bin under a kitchen worktop in accommodation.

What can go in the food waste recycling bin?

  • Fruit and vegetable peelings
  • Tea bags
  • Bones
  • Leftovers on your plate 
  • Out-of-date food

What can’t go in the food waste recycling bin?

  • Any food packaging
  • Liquids such as coffee 
  • Kitchen roll
  • Cooking oil
  • Plastic wrapping

When is the bin emptied?

It will be emptied every Monday and Wednesday by caretakers.

What happens to the waste?

Once collected by our caretakers, the food waste is taken under the podia to a collection point. Veolia, our waste contractor, collects it and puts it into an anaerobic digester where the waste is broken down in the absence of oxygen. This process gives off methane which is collected, converted into biogas, and used to generate electricity. The nutrient-rich digestate left at the bottom of the digester is then used as a fertiliser for farmland.

Don’t forget to recycle your other materials such as plastic bottles, cardboard, tins, and paper in the dry mixed recycling bin, and your glass bottles and jars in the glass bin. Anything that can’t be recycled should go in the general waste bin.

If you have any questions about recycling, please look at our A-Z of waste and recycling or email us.