"I always want to try to experience everything at least once."

At the beginning, in my first year, coming to Essex from Jordan was a bit of struggle because it’s a very different culture. But I tried to immerse myself as much as I could, meet as many people as I could, to make the most of life here and being abroad. It was a bit terrifying and I missed my family, but I always wanted to have an adventure and be my own person, so it’s been exciting as well. Now that I’m immersed, I’m more comfortable here.

If someone’s coming here for the first time, I would say try and do what I did, which is immerse yourself as much as you can into the culture. Go out, go to different societies or sports clubs, go to socials, go on nights out in Sub Zero on campus, just meet as many people as you can and find what you like. I got involved with the Theatre Arts Society, I started kickboxing, and I joined the football club. Once, I was bored so I went to the piano room and taught myself piano, because I wanted to learn everything I could! I always want to try to experience everything at least once. I want to live, I want to explore, learn as much as possible, experience whatever I can, go travelling, and just live life to the fullest.

I’m doing my Masters degree at Essex next year, so hopefully by the end of it, I will be looking for careers and jobs somewhere, and I think that will be exciting because I don’t know where I’m going to do it yet – England, Europe, or maybe go back to Jordan. I’m still unsure about the future and I won’t know where I’m going to end up but it’s exciting.


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