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Funding your summer abroad

Don't let the costs of going abroad stop you. There are a variety of funding opportunities available, aimed to support you while you're taking part in your summer abroad experience.

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Overview of funding

For summer 2024, only applications for the remaining Turing Scheme funding are currently open. You can find all the information you need on the page below.

Funding available for summer 2024

  • Turing Scheme funding - support towards your living and travel costs from £111.00 per week, for programmes of 28 days or more. Applications are now being accepted on a weekly basis until mid July or all funding is allocated. To apply check the requirements and use our online application form found at the Turing Scheme pages on the scholarship finder.
  • Travel insurance - free of charge and required for all students who receive funding via Essex Abroad. We will contact you regarding insurance if you are receiving funding via Essex Abroad.
  • Essex Crowdfunding CLICK - a way to raise money for your international experience, supported by the CLICK team. Still open for projects.
  • Summer Travel Grants - Travel grants of £250, £500 and £1,000 to support you with your international experience. Now closed to applications.
  • International Experience Bursary - Bursaries of up to £1,000 to support students from lower income backgrounds. Now closed to applications.


* Unfortunately the Green Travel Grant is no longer available for summer 2024 due to circumstances beyond our control. We still encourage you to consider travelling sustainably.

University of Essex Travel insurance

University of Essex Travel insurance and medical insurance is compulsory to take part in any of our Essex Abroad programmes that you have received funding for and must be in place prior to travel. We recommend that you apply for travel insurance as soon as you know you are going abroad. Hospital and medical bills can be a significant cost, even for minor problems, so it is essential that you have adequate and appropriate cover. 

More about our University of Essex travel and medical insurance

The University of Essex provides comprehensive travel and medical insurance cover for your time abroad.  Please note there is no cost for University of Essex travel insurance, it is free of charge for all students who are studying, volunteering or interning abroad as part of their University of Essex programme. The insurance is a comprehensive travel cover which includes cover for most medical emergencies. It does not cover personal possessions, personal holidays or routine healthcare. You will need to purchase your own insurance for this.

The travel insurance won’t cover medical expenses whilst in the home nation as other arrangements should be in place. E.g. NHS in the UK.

The travel insurance also excludes hazardous activities which are not part of your studies.

Please visit our preparing to go abroad webpages to get advice around accessing healthcare in the European Union via an EHIC or GHIC card.



Essex Crowdfunding - CLICK

Click is the University of Essex crowdfunding platform. Crowdfunding is funding a project or venture by raising lots of small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the internet.

Donation-based crowdfunding is asking a group to donate to your project in exchange for tangible, non-monetary ‘rewards’ such as an e-card, postcard or social media shout outs.

The University of Essex will match your funds – for every £1 raised, we will give you £1 (up to a maximum £250).

Visit the dedicated CLICK webpages to find out more and get started.

The Big Essex Award

We're offering an employability award based on extra curricular activities here at Essex. And you can get up to 50 Units for your international experience abroad. The award recognises all your extra curricular activities on your Higher Education Achievement Report!

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